Living on location

One of the things about living in a city where there is a lot of television and movie production is that one comes across a “shoot” from time to time. I’ve been riding my bicycle up and down Riverside Park between my place in Washington Heights and the SITI Company office/studio in Midtown. Riverside Park is often a location for shows like “Law And Order” which shoot here in the city.

So yesterday, I’m riding downtown through the park and I see a “Law And Order” location shoot going on up ahead. Now usually this isn’t a problem because they either just let you go through or the most you have to wait is the span of “a take”. But as I got closer, I realized that the pathway was completely blocked by what looked like regular ordinary crime scene tape.
Looking around I suddenly realized that there were no cameras or lights. It took way too long for me to realize that this was an actual crime scene, and these were actual cops.


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