iPhone 2.0

So this is the first blog posting I’ve written on my iPhone. It is the old “classic” or “original” “non-3G” iPhone. The big change is that it’s now running the updated operating system that allows it to, amoung other things, run applications, like the one I’m using to write this.
My iPhone is now more useful by several orders of magnitude. One of the main reasons for this is that even without GPS, the iPhone can figure out where I am, enableing applications to give me location specific info about movies, eateries, etc.
It also gives me more ways to access various social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook… for better or worse.

Somehow, a bogus new posting message got sent out today as I was setting this up. Sorry. Can’t promise it won’t happen again, but I hope not.

In any case, expect more, perhaps shorter, posts from your humble blogger.


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