An announcement.

For a number of years now, I have been wanting to find a framework to create video work to post on YouTube. I don’t know if it’s vanity or just the desire to participate.

It’s clear to me that the idea of a “blog” is at least a step in the direction of democratizing the idea of freedom of the press; Who cares about freedom of the press until everyone has a press. A blog is a press, and everyone (pretty much everyone) has one.

But YouTube is taking this idea to the next level. Essentially YouTube is saying that everyone can be a TV channel if you want to. As someone who pays attention to things like television, it was vaguely disturbing to me that YouTube had taken away my ability to throw Molotov Cocktails at the networks from a safe distance. YouTube changed the conversation from “You media elites are a bunch of idiots!” to “Piss, or get off the pot!”.

So I’ve decided to piss: Leon’s Things

It’s a fundamentally silly idea, but I’ve got at least 15 of these things planned out on paper. Hopefully I’ll become better at producing them as time goes on. I do need to find something, other than a drunken monkey, to light them. A big part of it, is that I don’t want to spend any money on these things. I may someday. But for now these are zero impact projects. I have time right now to do this, so I will. For the time being, I will not use any music or other material to which I don’t own the rights. And I won’t be a shill for any company or corporation. If someone wants to sponsor me and support these things, that’s their own folly. I’m not going to pursue it.

I see/feel a clear difference between what I’m trying to do with this blog, and what this YouTube thing is, so I’m not going to collapse them into each other. If you want to keep up with the YouTube thing, subscribe to it in YouTube. I’m not planning on announcing it each time here. Apples and Oranges.


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  1. Brad Carlin says:

    Thanks for LEONS THINGS. Its good to know that someone is using that little camera we got from YouTube. You look fantastic, by the way, no I am not trying to spam your blog by coming on to you and selling you manly supplements, you just look good. I am not in to posting comments on YouTube, I dont know why. But for as much as you want to be able to keep your blog and your webTV station separate, I thought I would throw a curve and comment on your video through your blog. How you like them apples (and oranges)?

    Hope you are well, bc

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