Sarah The Candidate.

This morning, I watched a rally by the republican vice presidential candidate who I am committed to not naming on this blog. She was talking about Joe the Plumber and Cindy the Citizen and Bill the Builder etc, and I suddenly realized what she’s doing and why I have a problem with it. She’s not running for vice president of the United States. She’s running for vice president of Sesame Street!

Then the crowd started chanting “Use your brain. Vote McCain.” It wasn’t so much that they were chanting this, but they were chanting it brainlessly. I mean have these people never heard of irony?

So these rallys, which a few weeks ago were “Nuremburg-Lite”, are now “Elmo Live” events, playing to a crowd of Zombie children.

I know it’s bad form to speak ill of my fellow citizens on the other side of the alleged cultural divide. But there’s a lot of buzz about how her Veepness is now positioning herself for power plays within the RNC after a McCain defeat. If this is true (and even if it isn’t) this is not the last context in which we will have to deal with this person and the tripe that flows so bitterly from her. Although this is good for Tina Fey’s career, I think we need to keep working to wake the zombies up. These people have brains. And they are not children. This is why it’s so offensive to see them acting like the Children of the Corn.

I am beginning to actually have hope that Barak Obama may just pull this off. Like most people I’m afraid to say this cause it’s just so tempting and it seems so easy to jinx, but I’ve always said that the more the election is about the economy, the more chance Barak has. Who could have predicted this economic collapse, and how it is finally edging Obama into something like a lead that might have some traction?

I don’t have enough to lose much in the current situation, so although I know it’s short sighted and cold blooded to say so, if it takes an economic catastrophie to get Obama in the White House, then so be it.

This being said, I hear stories every day that remind me it’s not over.

So keep working! I don’t want to live on Lobotomized Sesame Street.

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One Response to “Sarah The Candidate.”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Here’s a fine read about she-who-will-remain-unnamed written by Jonathan Raban for the London Review of Books.

    I am trying to remain calm. Trying not to jinx it either way.

    Elizabeth the Weaver